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Discs and seats come in various materials to meet a wide range of needs.The ultimate general purpose valves with excellent costperformance.

  • Valve nominal size 40 to 600mm
  • Max. working pressure: 1.0MPa
  • Working temperature range:
    NBR: -10 to 80 degrees C
    EPDM: -20 to 120 degrees C

    Simple handling, durability, and long life are the most basic terms on whichvalves can be improved. TOMOE has now developed the700G series, a superior pressure-proof general purposevalve, to improve cost performance and meet your variousneeds with its wide range of features.The 700G series is designed to satisfy many internationalflange standards, which can be used worldwide.

    The body can be available in various designs such as wafer, semi-luggedand full-lugged, with various materials such as ductileiron and carbon steel, etc. The disc is also available withhigh-grade stainless steel, type 316, dacro coated or nylon coated carbon steel, aluminumbronze, or PPS. The patented cosine-curve structure isadopted for the seat ring. The 700G series is superior toconventional models in all respects.

    701G: Nylon coated body is also available (50 to 300mm). Please contact us for more information.
  • Unit of Measure



    N/A 600 - 24"

    Face to Face Dimensions

    N/A API 609/ISO 5752 (20series)

    Max.Working Pressure

    N/A 1.0 MPa

    Body Shell Test (Hydraulic)

    N/A 1.5 MPa

    Seat Leak Test (Pneumatic)

    N/A 1.1 MPa

    Working Temperature Range

    N/A EPDM: -20° to 120°C NBR: -10° to 80°C


    N/A Worm Gear Electric Motor Pneumatic Cylinder


    N/A Epoxy primer finish (Munsell N7)


    N/A 269.00 kg275.00 kg

    Body Material

    N/A Ductile Iron, JIS FCD450

    Seat Material


    Disc Material 

    N/A Aluminum Bronze JIS ALBC Ductile Iron 304 Stainless Steel JIS SCS13 316 Stainless Steel JIS SCS14

    Stem Material 

    N/A SUS420J2/SUS392J1

    Dimensional Information

    N/A 584 mm


    N/A 795 mm820 mm


    N/A 165 mm


    N/A 154 mm


    N/A 55 mm


    N/A 458 mm


    N/A 528 mm


    N/A 79 mm

    A - Min Internal Diameters of Piping

    N/A 569 mm

    Flange Information

    Applicable Flange Standard

    N/A ANSI 125Lb/150Lb BS 4504 NP10/NP16 DIN PN10/PN16 JIS 5K/10K

    JIS 5K Hexagon Bolts

    N/A M24

    JIS 5K Hexagon Bolts Length

    N/A 70 mm

    JIS 5K Effective Screw Hexagon Bolts Length

    N/A 50 mm

    JIS 5K Number of Hexagon Bolts

    N/A 40

    JIS 10K Hexagon Bolts

    N/A M30

    JIS 10K Hexagon Bolts Length

    N/A 75 mm

    JIS 10K Effective Screw Hexagon Bolts Length

    N/A 60 mm

    JIS 10K Number of Hexagon Bolts

    N/A 48

    ANSI 125Lb/150Lb Hexagon Bolts

    N/A U 1 1/4

    ANSI 125Lb/150Lb Hexagon Bolts Length

    N/A 95 mm

    ANSI 125Lb/150Lb Effective Screw Hexagon Bolts Length

    N/A 70 mm

    ANSI 125Lb/150Lb Number of Hexagon Bolts

    N/A 40

    DIN PN10, BS4504 NP10 Hexagon Bolts

    N/A M27

    DIN PN10, BS4504 NP10 Hexagon Bolts Length

    N/A 80 mm

    DIN PN10, BS4504 NP10 Effective Screw Hexagon Bolts Length

    N/A 60 mm

    DIN PN10, BS4504 NP10 Number of Hexagon Bolts

    N/A 48


    N/A Satisfies ISO standards for face-to-face dimensions
    Valve face-to-face dimensions conform to standard ISO5752 (20series)
    Patented cosine curve seat ring
    The cosine curve seat ring reducesvalve operating torque substantiallyand allows the torque to be adjustedaccording to the working pressure.
    Much longer life with spherical design
    Similar to a spherical body rotating inside a spherical area, the operation of the disc is smooth and unhindered. Torque is reduced and the valve life is lengthened by 300%.
    Self-aligning stem seal through backup ring
    The stem seal is the primary and secondary seal system.The backup ring functions as the self-aligning stem seal.
    Select from various disc materials to meet your specific needs
    As one of the standard disc materials, PPS(for 50 to 200mm types)has been added to meet the current trend of linedpipes. PPS (polypheneylene sulfide with stainless steel core)is a kind of plastic material suitable for corrosive fluids(subject to the performance of rubber seats).
    Two aligning methods (350 to 600mm)
    Two valve models are available: the casted hole type (700G)and the tapped and drilled hole type (705G). They accommodate all the applicable flange standards.
    Long bonnet
    The long neck shape allows insulation of up to 50mm afterthe valve is installed.