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  • A1416 - 500

    Dresser has the facilities to sup ply the proper coupling for every pipe joining requirement, details and prices on larger sizes are available on request.
    Most sizes through 12" nominal are furnished in standard packaged quantities.

    All Dresser couplings can also be furnished with Dresser AL-CLAD® factory coatings. Details on request. Specifications of all products shown in this catalog are subject to change without notice.

  • A1434 - 500

    For Cast and Ductile Iron Pipe Sizes
    Steel Middle Rings with Ductile Followers
    Couplings 2" through 8" have 5" Middle Rings,Fushion Bonded Epoxy Couting - ID/OD

  • A1434 - 500
  • a1436 - 500

    Grade 27
    (Buna S Blend)
    The compound in most general use for plain gaskets is Grade 27. This gasket has wide application and is accepted as standard for most pipeline use. It is recommended for use on lines carrying natural and other gases, air, fresh and salt water, most acids, alkalines and sugar solutions, and some refrigerants. Maximum temperature is 212°F.(For Styles 65 & 88, maximum temperature is 150°F.)

    Armored Gaskets
    (ARMORED is a registered trademark of Dresser Manufacturing Division)
    The armor, anelastic, practically indestructible brass coil or helix, is embedded in the gasket tip so as to become an integral part of the gasket. When used with the proper grade/compound rubber gasket, the armor shields the gasket material from the line content, but in no way interferes with the sealing efficiency of the gasket. ARMORED gaskets can be used to great advantage where low electrical resistance joints are de sired, since the armor bites into the pipe and provides metal to metal contact for easy passage of current, a necessity where cathodic protection is to be applied.

    Grade 42
    (Buna N Blend)
    Grade 42 gaskets are resistant to oil, most aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbons, natural gas fogging oil, condensates and gasolines. Maximum temperature is 150°F.(For Styles 65 & 88, maximum temperature is 150°F.)

    These gaskets are highly resistant to hydrocarbons, aromatic hydro carbons, alcohols, organic acids, nitrogen-containing compounds, vegetable oils and greases. Maximum temperature is 350°F.

    Butyl gaskets are resistant to hot air service, steam, hot water and miscellaneous aqueous solutions. They are also suitable for vegetable oils, organic chemicals, oxidizing acids and alkalies. Maximum temperature is 250°F.

    EPDM gaskets provide excellent resistance to aging factors such as ozone, oxygen and elevated temperatures. This includes service in hot water, steam and dry heat. They are also suitable for handling popular chemicals such as ketones, alcohols, phosphate ester hydraulic fluids, glycols, dilute acids and alkalies. Maximum temperature is 300°F.

    High Temperature Carded Glass
    Non-Asbestos gaskets are specifically designed for the high temperature and abrasive atmosphere associated with services such as fly ash handling systems. As a replacement for asbestos, these gaskets are manufactured from rubber coated, wire inserted, carded glass cloth, blended with a high temperature binder, and graphite coated. Proprietary lubrication and treatment prior to die forming results in a uniform close tolerance, high quality, nonasbestos gasket which has proven itself a reliable asbestos replacement. Maximum temperature is 1200°F.